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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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n support of anything else. >> i would like to make a recommendation for the amendment. >> there is a motion to amend the resolution to require a nine-month pilot program, understanding that before the pilot project moves into place there would be further discussion at the board with regard to the age limit and the penalty. >> i will second that. >> for clarity in drafting this amendment, i am not certain i understand what the scope of the survey would be. is the intent to survey the
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entire permit area? "said block by block, but we do not really mean that, do we? >> and the way we do it now is if you are on the 200 block and do not have a residential permit -- it is just the residence. >> i thought you were talking about the whole district. >> it is not the whole district. but you have to be attached to a residential parking zone. if you are one block off, you would be part of that zone. that is how it works to add rpp to a block. i think you are proposing would have to get approval within that rpp to get a nanny permit on your block.
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>> i think a understand to be -- i think i understand that to be a single-block survey, as opposed to a survey during the creation of a permit. >> i would procedurally -- you know where i stand. i think we should approve the thing. but i understand i do not have the votes. i would suggest that mr. ford has well summarized the gist of this board's direction. rather than voting on an amendment on the fly, you know where we are coming from. if this is going to happen, it will have to happen with this sort of modification. i am sorry to say i think the best thing to do is to let staff work that out so we all know exactly what we are voting on rather than speculating about
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it. >> i agree with that. >> i think there would be two votes. >> thank you. chairperson nolan: to my mind, the family thing does trump. >> ban yi would like to address you on this. >> the legislation before you for consideration is a policy saying that households requesting the child care provider is eligible for the permit, including setting up the requirements for the block as well as the approved -- the affidavit, and also the issue once -- issuance of the permit to be displayed -- those are administrative procedures we are
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recommending to make it work. we can come back, if you approve this legislation. we can come back before we actually launch the pilot with a list of all the administrative processes that need to be in place for you to approve before we actually launch the pilot, including the age threshold, the actual permit itself, the affidavit they need to sign, and the requirement that the requesting party submit a petition of 51% of the block. >> you will come back with all of that. is that right? >> i think what ban is saying -- they could bring it all back, is that right? mr. yi is suggesting we go
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forward. >> we will bring back those modifications well before any implementation. then staff can go ahead and start putting administrative pieces together and fold in the comments and recommendations the board wishes. that will give you an opportunity to modify those. >> yes. chairperson nolan: in that case, we go back to the original motion. do we need that in language? is that clear enough? >> is a motion on the floor that i believe was seconded. if the vice chairman agrees to withdraw his amendment, you can go back to the main motion. chairperson nolan: will you withdraw that? vice chairperson lee: i will withdraw it. chairperson nolan: do we have a motion on that? do we have a second?
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i will second that. any further discussion? how about roll-call? director beach: no. director brinkman: no. director heinicke: aye. director bridges: ye. director oka: no. vice chairperson lee: aye. chairperson nolan: aye. >> it is approved. chairperson nolan: i think we need a break. we will have a 10 minute break.
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chairperson nolan: we are back in session now with item 12. >> members of the public, please
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find a seat. item 12, adopting amendments to transportation code, a division to, to define and gas and gates operation of a taxi, to require medallion purchasers to make a down payment of less than 20% of the purchase price to operate as a gas and dates until the sellers downpayments subsidy is paid in full, to amend hearing procedures, and rabbis equipment standings, require electronic waybills, change the reporting deadline, and amend eligibility requirements. that is the calendar item. staff has asked that the resolution be amended with regard to the eligibility requirements to become a taxi driver. their request is to leave the minimum age requirement as is,
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so you can obtain a driver's permit at 21, rather than changing it to 24. chairperson nolan: we can certainly hear the report and from the public. >> thank you, mr. chairman. let me see if i can make it a little muddier. [laughter] chairperson nolan: i appreciate that. >> first of all, i think the part of the -- the part of the thing that i would like to amend concerns the way bills and that kind of thing.
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i talked to several cabdrivers, as well as small companies. they tell me that there may be some privacy issues, or that kind of thing. so i would like -- i am working on some language that might take care of all those concerns. i would like to eliminate that portion -- illuminate that portion. the whole credit card thing. chairperson nolan: we do not have any motions on the floor yet, but there are three things that are possible to change in terms of the overall recommendation. >> as far as the stock proposal goes, it is what we have come up-the changing of the age requirement.
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-- we havee, cminus the -- we have, minus the changing of the age requirement. chairperson nolan: why don't we hear the speakers. >> starting with [unintelligible] chris fulkerson, [unintelligible] charles rathbone. >> first of all, and want to complain in the strongest possible terms about the sheer number of items. this is a good example of what i was talking about earlier. there is too much to say. these items merit closer discussion than the two minutes or so you can give. i understand that director hiashi need to get things done,
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but the same complaint. i want to make sure it is understood that i believe it is extremely evil to make people pay a quarter of a million dollars for low-income jobs. that said, the dates and gas requirement -- gate and gas requirement makes sense. you are participating in banking when you make a requirement like that. there is something else going on at the end of the duration that is not being discussed. that is that these bankers are offering balloon payment loans. you can find a home for $0.25 million. such a loan is illegal. bankers are finding a new market, namely us. that are coming down with a seeming agreement that simply should not be allowed. they are


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